Map Overlay position error? - NSW AU Oceania
(2014-10-11, 11:25)Stephen.Walker Wrote: Thanks Ross for the link to your GPS data. For reference, South Sydney ! should be about 10km from the 'Sydney' city marker on the map.

These stations all appear to be out by the same error. Very roughly, the error is -1.25 degrees latitude +0.5 degress longitude.

OK, to add information to this:

If the "Albury" orange triangle is me, the other two stations shown "nearby" will be:
Wagga-Wagga (the next marker north-north-east of the indicated Albury location)
Corryong (the marker east-south-east of the indicated Albury location)

Both are "roughly" 100km from me (and are both my stations also). Their relative positions look right, but the offset is consistent.
Stations: 812, 848, 849, 852

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