Map Overlay position error? - NSW AU Oceania
(2014-10-11, 22:26)Ross.Wheeler Wrote:
(2014-10-11, 11:25)Stephen.Walker Wrote: Thanks Ross for the link to your GPS data. For reference, South Sydney ! should be about 10km from the 'Sydney' city marker on the map.

These stations all appear to be out by the same error. Very roughly, the error is -1.25 degrees latitude +0.5 degress longitude.

OK, to add information to this:

If the "Albury" orange triangle is me, the other two stations shown "nearby" will be:
Wagga-Wagga (the next marker north-north-east of the indicated Albury location)
Corryong (the marker east-south-east of the indicated Albury location)

Both are "roughly" 100km from me (and are both my stations also). Their relative positions look right, but the offset is consistent.

Thanks Ross.

There is a lot of storm activity in NSW at the moment.
The position error is apparent if NSW maps & Oceania maps are compared.
My station is a bout 3km from the cost, but it is a fair way inland on the NSW map.

Tobi & Egon, let me know if you need anymore information on this.

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