(2014-09-26, 19:38)Tom.Schaffer Wrote: Maybe this will help (from the Tapatalk website):

Q: Why does a pop-up display when visiting my forum from a mobile browser?
A: Once Tapatalk is installed, a one-time introduction page will be shown to mobile web visitors the first time they visit your forum to notify them of the option to use the forum in Tapatalk. If a user clears their browser cache or cookies they may see the page again.

Not sure why it keeps coming back up.

But it is NOT installed (and never will be!) at least not on my device, the forum administrator can easily disable this spamming of mobile users, the same website gives detailed instructions of how they can do this.
I don't see why I should have to accept cookies from spammers so they can track whether I install their junk or not. This behaviour is acceptable with junk sites like yahoo who make their money by selling adverts, but not on what I always regarded as a decent forum.

Addition... I have decided to cool off for 24 hours then decide if I want to continue feeding data to Blitzortung
Till tomorrow, goodnight.
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