Blitzortung System Red FOR SALE
(2014-10-04, 23:00)Mozi Wrote: I want to add a second station in Darwin and hence would be very interested. But if there are other, "new" users in Region 2, especially in Northern Australia, then I'll let them have it instead. Let me know, thanks.

Hi Hobbes & Mozi,

Thanks for the posts.

I recall there was someone in WA who wanted to set up a station? I can't find the post.

A few more details;

I would prefer to sell station 966 rather than 874. The main reason is 874 doesn't have an LCD fitted.
I can supply either of the amps from 874 or 966 - they are slightly different.
I have H field amp only - no E field amp.

The station will include controller, amp, GPS antenna , and boxes for both amp & controller.
I can include a 300mm loop antenna - the amps are currently set up for these.
For 5V power, I can supply a plugpack or a DC-DC conveter if you want to run on solar.
the antenna is a pair of 300mm loops.
I am asking AU $250 excluding postage.

Stations: 1361, 1383

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