Blitzortung System Red FOR SALE
(2014-10-05, 17:57)Mozi Wrote: Stephen, if tpweather in Tom Price doesn't have a system yet, then that would be preferable to a 2nd one in Darwin.

Otherwise the specs and price of your system would be ok for me. Do you have 200mm ferrites for it too, or only the loops?

I'll be "off the air" until Wed as I'm travelling back home.

Thanks Michael & Mozi for the info.

Ive PM'ed tpweather regarding the system.

I do have 200mm ferrites, but they are home made. They didn't work well in my area, but it may have been construction (I have a lot of telephone wire). I can include them for the ebay cost of the ferrite rods ($18 from memory).


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