An interesting project/use....
Hello everyone, I found this brilliant project whilst surfing the net looking for a solution to a particular challenge and I wanted to post as it may be of some interest to members on here who love a technical problem!! I am very new to this but am studying the PDF data closely to catch up!!

This may sound crazy- but what would be the feasibility of taking a station on an around the world flight in a small light aircraft....
The internet link would be covered by a satellite internet connection.
The antenna could be mounted anywhere *inside* and within the aircraft.

So lets discuss, would my crazy idea work or would the speed of the aircraft (130-150 knots) and thus moving station need to be compensated for etc?

*EDIT* I've had a quick fish around the forum and gather noise interference from the aircraft's electronics could be an issue :-(

I look forward to a great technical discussion :-)

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