An interesting project/use....
(2014-10-13, 10:39)karlb123 Wrote: Hello everyone, I found this brilliant project whilst surfing the net looking for a solution to a particular challenge and I wanted to post as it may be of some interest to members on here who love a technical problem!! I am very new to this but am studying the PDF data closely to catch up!!

This may sound crazy- but what would be the feasibility of taking a station on an around the world flight in a small light aircraft....
The internet link would be covered by a satellite internet connection.
The antenna could be mounted anywhere *inside* and within the aircraft.

So lets discuss, would my crazy idea work or would the speed of the aircraft (130-150 knots) and thus moving station need to be compensated for etc?

*EDIT* I've had a quick fish around the forum and gather noise interference from the aircraft's electronics could be an issue :-(

I look forward to a great technical discussion :-)

Now, thinking beyond your thought of a single aircraft, what if all commercial airliners around the world had a lightning detector on-board? That could prove to be a solution for filling-in the parts of the world that don't have stationary coverage but are in standard flight corridors. The real problem would be the cost of constant satellite comms that would be needed to upload the data being received. That would probably make it unfeasible from a cost perspective.

A moving detector on an aircraft wouldn't make any difference because what matters is the location of the aircraft being known at the moment the detector receives a signal (noise or actual strike). That wouldn't be an issue since we use GPS references for our data streams. I don't know whether there would be a problem with aircraft generated noise levels. It may not be a problem due to the VLF frequencies being used in this project.
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