I can't wait for the new kit to be available.
(2015-01-06, 06:29)ace2 Wrote:
(2015-01-06, 05:03)David.Gamble Wrote: Hi Chris,
It will be great to have another station in SE Australia . Currently we are only detecting about 10% compared to the CFA GPATS. Hopefully with more stations this will improve. Additional info such as polarity, CG, and better location will be a big bonus. Good luck with your fires.
I can't wait, have started to raise donations for this and making fellow Aussies aware of this fantastic project in the hope more will become involved.
Thankfully the fires are not near to my location, but can see and smell smoke..
Looking forward to some rain over the next couple of days, which will help..


You, along with many others around the world are anxious to get into this hobby and to begin providing coverage for your area. Many of us who are already on-board and operational, myself included, are also anxiously awaiting the announcement that the new Blitzortung system is ready for purchase and distribution. However, at this point in time, the developers have not indicated or projected any set date that the new designs will be made available. All we know is that the new designs are being developed. While it's been said many times in the past, we simply have to be patient and feel confident that whatever comes out of the development cycle will be an improvement over the already successful GREEN and RED systems in use today.

BOTTOM-LINE, sit tight and wait until we get further input from the developers.
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