(2015-02-19, 23:18)Toxic Wrote: strange i was watching the EU live map on BO today. seen multiple detection's from many stations in the UK to the border of Syria/Iraq (NE) which from my site is over 4000km away, yet no detections shown on

so are we saying live maps are now inaccurate?
No, He's saying that Egon has changed data on Blitzortung Org display, and the data is currently incompatible with the live display at, which are two separate web presentations. The current application will not accept the new data Egon is developing.
As a possible answer to an anticipated question,
"Will this be resolved?".... I'm sure it will.
"When?" Unknown.

Remember this is the year of "quality" and detection /location improvement. Server signal and data processing is a part of that.

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