(2015-02-20, 09:44)orion_jb2001 Wrote: Yes thanks for info.


It probably would have been good to put some sort of message on that there is a problem. That's called customer service and courtesy.

Granted. Lightning
However, please remember that Blitzortung is a hobby, not a commercial enterprise. Exclamation


The developers are a very small group of private individuals who have full-time jobs and families.
They do not have time to monitor and post to the websites, and forums, answer emails,
pursue their careers, family and personal life, and work on their vision of the network, hardware design, and programming.
Development and support finances are provided by them, a bit of Ad money from the websites, and occasional donations.

Many times changes to such things as data availability and distribution are expected to be, and are, transparent to the end user.
Sometimes they don't happen quickly, as are the ongoing upgrades and enhancements expected this year.

Please expect and accept 'issues' like this at times. It happens in any enterprise, commercial, scientific, private, hobbyist.
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