Remote configuration errors
(2017-04-22, 00:27)N0BGS Wrote: I trust this should not be happening:

I have the System Blue registered...I think. Dodgy

Earlier today my station ID appeared here.  Now it doesn't

Ideas anyone?

Sure... At the moment, your station is showing 'idle'.  You are not shown as receiving signals, at the moment.
Initial signal shown was ok, with some 'noise'.

First, Log into your Blitzortung User page and configure your station. The antennas section is important.
Follow the directions in the popups etc.
It should be something like the attached,.
Inputs 0,1,2 are reserved for H field antennas
Input 3,4,5 are reserved for E field
BLUE does not use 4 and 5 inputs.  RED can.
So those are left "undefined".
First H input is 0, second is 1,
if using 3 H antennas, input 2 will be used. otherwise leave undefined.
Input 3 is the E field Probe... in this case it's an "Electric Field"

So if you were using only E field, you'd leave 'undefined'
inputs 0,1,2,4,5  and your 'electric Field' and its dimensions
would be entered in input 3
The Dimensions are important... tells the server what to expect
in the attached... the
ferrites are 250mm long with a 7.5mm core diameter.
they are shielded...
the electric field is 150mm in length, cross section is 4mm
dimension expressed as 250,7.5  (250comma7.5).

Next. look and make sure your com port is 80.
Save all that.
Now, locally
Make sure the com port on your router is open so server can talk back and forth with no problem
I'd suggest go ahead and do a cold restart of the controller... remove the power, wait a minute...
power back up... wait until GPS locks in, which may take some time... The system won't communicate
effectively until that happens.
After she settles down, check your amplifier settings and make sure you can stay out of interference....
at least for now.

After some interval, maybe minutes, may longer, after the controller and Servers have had time to
meet and greet and converse over a beer or two, they should begin to get along, and your server
acknowledged station ID etc should magically appear.

Both Blitzortung and servers know 1809 is operational... BTW
The noise I noted in the one signal seen appears to be coming from a nearby computer,
your USB Supply, something similar. Just first thoughts.

Welcome Aboard.

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