spare boards, somewhere
(2014-07-10, 07:06)Detlef_A Wrote: Hi forum,

I discovered blitzortung recently and Im very enthusiastic about the idea. Unfortunately new boards for system Red will be available at the earliest this autumn. I dont want to wait that long, so my question: Are there any spare boards available somewhere? The board layout files alone (it is Eagle, right?!) would also be sufficient, I'd have the boards manufactured somewhere.

THX, hope to join the network soon.
Hi Detlef...
Hang in there with us! There are good things coming, but first the developers must get all the servers and programming updated to handle all the new data and the very high demand for new stations! No kits, new boards or designs will be considered until that has happened. Please be aware that the recent high interest surprised everyone, so we have called a 'time out' so the exciting future will be trouble free! This may take a bit of time, but it will be worth it! No one expected a 'hobby' to explode like Blitzortung has!

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