System Blue Order Status 12. August 2016
Why some countries are red on the page "cover your area" ?

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Hello all,

I submitted a request for the waiting list on 6/24/2014 shortly before project Blue hardware and received email notice at that time; however, my status upon checking the address on the cover your area page appears to have me newly entered at position 3243! This is quite disheartening as my location in Amarillo, TX is proximal to one of the highest strike density locations in the US southwest with only one other station covering that area at <= 500km.

I spotted a very nice commercial detector being operated locally the other day which prompted me to check in again, and I thought better to post on this forum than to bother Egon or the others via email as I am sure they are very busy. It seems based on other responses here that perhaps the early requestors who did not immediately reregister interest on the new queue were not accounted for? What is the likelihood that I will ever be able to participate in this project?

Best Regards,
I have been waiting since well before system red I cannot think how many years ago! 
Then details were wiped and I had to re register again. Hmmmm.
I check back every few weeks to see but it's a slow process and there are probably other areas that's need covering well before me/us.
Yes I have been tempted by other manufacturers but have stuck to this. 
Be patient! 

If any of you that have been waiting a long time have a Boltek system, Microsferics has a TOA system for Bolteks and are in need of participants. I run both myself.
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I originally registered just a system red stopped. I didn't check again until recently only to find that I was 3245 out of 3245! what happened?

I'm sure I saw somewhere that you keep systems for areas of 'special interest'. I live on Lesvos which is only a few km from the coast of Turkey. A quick check of stations shows next to nothing close to me. Does that make my location of 'special interest'?

Message Egon. You may get bumped up.
Kevin McCormick KB0UOI
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