Downloading archive data not working
A big storm blew through here last night (and the barn opposite me was set alight as a result of a tree being hit by lightning). I wanted to see how close the network got to spotting this cloud-ground stroke.

I went to and it gave me a choice of files to download. The CSV worked, but the OSM and the KML files did not seem useful -- it particular, the KML file was empty. 

From the CSV file, the stroke was reported at the right time and the offset was 4,500 ft.

I also wanted to see information about the stroke, so I did the following search:

but, although it said that five strokes were found, I couldn't actually see them being plotted to click on them.
Stations: 1182
Same problem here. Not appears on map.
Stations: 1300, 1319, 1326, 1425, 1572, 1575, 1868

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