what is the best setup for BO??

Just a quick question that might require a longer answer, but what is the "sweet spot" for Blitzortung?
Guess the stats are helping to tune for "ego" , but does the stats serve Blitzortung also?
@ what range from antenna do you get the best accurancy?
thinking more about what serves  the Blitzortung better, than my ego for getting most hits, or stats? -or are these "following the same path"?
Guess the answer will be different if a antenna is in a area with low coverage, and if there is high density of participants around, so i understand that the answer will be "depending on" Smile
For a triangulation perspective would not longer range give higher % accurancy than close range?
I know my signals are rubbish atm, but im working on that issue.. still what should i aim for to get my system RED to be best for BO?
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what is the best setup for BO?? - by frode dahl - 2015-06-22, 19:40

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