System Blue Order Status 12. August 2016
Hi All, My Kit arrived yesterday and this evening I soldered in the components that came with it.
Except the LEDs?
3 x LED red
2 x LED green                        
1 x LED yellow
1 x LED blue
I finally had an empty bag, but I was missing the LEDs. (You can't imagine how disappointed I was. Huh Sad )
Reading through the instructions again I discovered that they are part of the enclosure box that I did not order.
So now I am stuck.
I presume that these LEDs are needed for the kit to function? (It does not give any details on type?)
Maybe on Monday I can pick up these at the hobby shop in the city. I do not wish to buy hundreds of them!
However, I would like to make the suggestion, to save anyone else this inconvenience:-

Idea That as these LEDs are soldered on the main board, they should be included along with the rest of the components that fit on the main board. Idea

The few extra cents that these would cost to include in the components bag is negligible compared to the price of the kit.
The inconvenience for someone like me that lives in the country and has to rely on public transport, (only three buses per/day and only two at weekends and holidays!?!) is really quite considerable.
Thank you.


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