More system blue antenna questions
I have read and reread the documentation but the antenna connections are ambiguous.  Could someone please help me with some questions regarding the upcoming system blue.

1. Is it mandatory to have both e-field and h-field antennas? If not mandatory, is it advisable to have both?

2. I note system blue PCB 16.x has 3 sets of connectors for h-field antennas. Most frame/loop antennas I can find plans for only have two loops, so I assume one loop is connected to A-1 and A-2 and the other loop to B-1 and B-2. What are C-1 and C-2 for, another loop?  

3. In the case of a simple loop antenna, what are the GND terminals on PCB 16.x for? Are they left not connected?

4. In the case of a coax cable antenna I assume the central conductors are connected to A-1 and B-1 and the shielding to GND. Is this correct?


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