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Hello Jeff,

Basically everything is written in the "quick setup guide": http://de.blitzortung.org/Compendium/Doc...B_20_1.pdf
Some parts have polarity (or kind of) and need to placed in the right way. There are marks on the PCB.

For the parts everything is listed in http://de.blitzortung.org/Compendium/Ord...PCB_20.pdf

The basic set (1-18) is what you need to install a detector (you may only order the boards (1) and buy the rest to local vendors).*

The rest is in option:
19: ferrite antennas, but you can build your own loops (some info in the documentation)
20-21: filter option which is olny necessary when there is strong interferences
23-30: housing option, if you want the install the controller in a box.

* Note that you will need some extra parts: a GPS antenna with SMA connector, USB power supply (5V/1A), connection cable (Cat 5e for LAN and H-filed pre-amp, coax with F connectors for E-filed pre-amp).

This post is exactly what is written there: https://forum.blitzortung.org/showthread....7#pid11437
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