New system, noob questions
Hi Junebug!
Welcome aboard!

A quick response:  Watch your email for a couple of messages... we'll get you optimized!
One thing that helps us is to get a bit more 'regionalized' and develop a bit of 'personal' contact...

Also, we might get used to using the term 'optimize', rather than 'tune'... this prevents confusion
between the normal definitions of the terms... the system is a "Broadband' Un-tuned ELF / VLV receiver,
and except for the optional filters, nothing should be tuned or effect the bandwidth or antenna tuning
of the system as manufactured... so we 'optimize' location, gains, thresholds for best overall operation.

First, explore the 'internal' forum here, for operators and developers... if you don't have access
at the moment, that should happen shortly.

Second, if you're not already on, join us there at the Blitzortung Board
A lot of world wide operators hang out there, and with some technical exceptions,
most everything concerning "System RED" will apply to System Blue...

Third, the Americas Operators hang out at 'Sferics.US'
and we have a bit more "BLUE" info there in the "Operators"
restricted forum...some open to World-Wide operators, and
  a private area for the America's operators.
 (our regional 'clubhouse', as Dale Reid named it).

As a first step, I'd suggest putting the system in 'Manual Mode', with none of the
automatics running, and no optional filter ICs enabled, set the thresholds at about 120mv
and the gains about 5*5 on H and about 2^2 on the E channel. Now, on BLUE, the 'threshold'
settings for H channel C and the E channel share the same ADC so there may be a bit of initial
confusion about the 'triggering' on those two channels... but that's for later.

The goal is to establish a 'normal' or 'ambient' environment level for optimized settings...
that will be a bit diffdicult on a day like today with a lot of activity... this can take some
time, observation, and patience, because of the constantly changing EM environment,
season, daylight-night, nearby noise sources both intermittent and constant... etc...

For the modified regulator, you should be hearing from Egon concerning that, but just to make sure, drop him an email...


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