Problem after updating firmware. blue 8.32b
(2017-09-07, 03:43)kevinmcc Wrote: The Devs only know the difference between 19.3 B and C.

Unfortunately they have not updated the compendium.

I think the only differences are in positioning of the GPS module, SMA and the Network Connector... minimizes some possible cross noise, and the removal of the E field supply voltage jumper, that voltage is now fixed at 4.5v... the alt voltage no longer needed. Additionally, a 5 volt pin now available on the SWD connector. That last mostly so Egon has less steps to do when he initializes a board before distribution to an operator.

Also, in general, as far as operational and installation principles and such, if it applies to system RED it can be applied to BLUE...  if you're running 'Bare Blue" with no filters, only 2 H fields, you'll see virtually no operational differences... main difference is RED E Feld has up 2 three 'bandwidth' using 3 channels) whereas BLUE only uses 1, with the provision for the optional filter IC. Now, the differences are bandwidth, power distribution, circuit design and technology, options, etc... but for example, noise and interference, sensitivity, etc are very similar... you don't need specialized BLUE knowledge to 'troubleshoot' signal, noise, etc issues from an operational environment.... from a 'technical' and structural point of view, there are drastic differences, but for general operation, if it applies to RED,  it's good for Blue...

One thing to check on the dead system with the blown coil... check the RJ 45 jack for corrosion, especially if the H preamp was outside, and you had the rain....

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