Solar Powering with Power bank
FYI, I've been running a system Red through an MR3020 and WiFi for quite some time now on two powerbanks (using one while charging the other) and I consistently get 16 hours from 10Ah bank (Romoss Sense4)
That works out to ~3W load.

I have all the gear here, one day I'll pull my finger out and finally piece the kit together:
I have 2x 10W panel,
1s20p 18650 cells (~40Ah)
SX01-3A solar charger (1s Lithium friendly)
Dual USB board from powerbank (not for charging, only using boost converter and low voltage cutout)

I have no shortage of Sun(Australia) So 20W panel and 40Ah battery has just enough overhead to keep it running through 1 or 2 cloudy days.

Barebones, you could possibly get away with a 10W panel and 1s10p battery (~20Ah) and using a CN3722 MPPT(-ish!) charger instead, but just one overcast day and she'll run dry.

Edit: Oops. I read the OP date as Nov 2018
Oh well, info might still help someone else  Big Grin
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