Uploading Firmware! Please wait...
I have a mystery trying to flash new firmware to my Red system. (Station 1323)
The LCD display reports I am running 7.4, and that 8.4 is availalbe. I have downloaded 8.4 via the button on the web interface, and this file is stored on my local computer. After pressing upload, the page is stuck showing"Uploading Firmware! Please wait..." Half an hour later, I refresh or select another web tab. I rebooted the detector. There was no other sign of the firmware actually being written to the system, and no checksums displayed.
The web interface now shows I am running 8.4 (even after connecting in from a different computer and browser), but the LCD still says 7.4!  The station information shown by Lightningmaps.org also shows firmware 7.4.
Any suggestions appreciated!
James Dean

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