Access to archive data to trace 3 Sprites

Is there any way that a non-contributor can get access to raw data?

On 16 December 2017 I photographed 3 lightning sprites over a 20 minute period, and wanted to try and more precisely identify where these sprites occurred.  I've been able to run the map:

but would really love access to the raw data so that I don't have to approximate everything from the map.

Would one of the contributors be able to extract the relevant raw data and provide to me (if this is not against the terms of service, etc)?  I really want the data for the above map and time period but it could be limited to 149E to 153E, 29S to 33S.

Thanks in advance

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Access to archive data to trace 3 Sprites - by greg_priestley - 2018-02-20, 00:30

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