Blue System: PreAmp & Antenna Questions
arrggh. I got one-upped on replies, since I was posting on your duplicate thread... heh.. deleted that other thread.

A and B would be two 90° loops for Vertical Polarized signals.  C can be either a third Vertical Polarized loop,. with all three in Delta rather than 90°.  Or C could be a Horizontally Polarized Loop...
I assume you mean, as in N/S for e.g.... no it doesn't matter.
It makes no difference... the system doesn't care... If you wanted them phased together for signal analysis or something,
You'll find BLUE a totally different experience than Green.
Make sure when you activate your BLU, on your operator's page after login, that you enter the correct antenna types, size, shielded, transformer, whatever...  etc.... that's very important.
Inputs 0-2 are for H field signals.  Inputs 3-5 are for E Probe signals
input 0 = HA --- Input 1=HB --- Input 2=HC (or undefined if no antenna) -- Input 3=EA  (or undefined if no E Probe) ---  4/5 undefined- not used in System Blue... used in System RED.
dimensions are in millimeters
Welcome. and Enjoy!

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