Accuracy question
(2018-06-09, 01:35)EShJedbett Wrote:
(2018-06-07, 19:49)Aelita Wrote: Well there aren't many detectors near or in Colorado but 120mi does seem like a lot. It could just be that the system didn't detect it or it is indeed a little off. All I know is, the more detectors there are, the more accurate it should be.

Understood, but the differences are quite large.  I've attached a current double screen shot showing the area between Limon Colorado and Goodland Kansas roughly along I70 for both programs, WeatherBug Spark on the bottom and this program on top.  There is no comparison!!  Maybe this is like owning a pedometer; if you own one, it is accurate, if you own two, they are both wrong!!!

[Image: K0oajQr.jpg]
I can’t say much about the accuracy, to he honest. I’m extremely new to the whole thing.
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