Becomming a member without a station
(2018-07-06, 12:48)martmiwp Wrote: Hi all,

I want to create for my home area (Bavaria, Germany) a map showing the lightning. This is for my own purpose - any I want to skip the advertisement and other "trash".

After reading through all, I am under the impression, that I need to install a station, to get the access to the data.

My question: Is there another way to become a member without building up a station. ... on donation basis or ?!?!?

To say it: For my own home purposes - Congratulations for this very active community.

Best regards

ITnavMan  check your email. Big Grin

Such maps are already available in some fashion beginning on the two websites,, and and possibly some operators' or Regional BT authorized websites. Blitzortung is a VERY expensive project to implement, worldwide, and the small amount of revenue generated by the ads is very important

Access to the data is restricted to data providers only -- with exception of a couple of major research and scientific institutions  

Operators have access to data necessary to 'create a map'... but this is not provided to other agencies.  That is designed to be an inducement to become an operator, but more importantly, 3rd party folks often DO NOT understand the 'experimental' 'hobbyist' nature of the project, misrepresent the data as, for example 'official', which it is not, fail to credit the data properly, or use it in commercial applications, which is a strict NO NO.  The rights to the data belong to the operators and Blitzortung Org.

For example, is a Blitzortung 'authorized' Regional Network website, using some of the data.. but in very specific and restricted ways.

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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