Two Issues so far...Fault light & Request Acct.
(2018-12-01, 23:11)dupreezd Wrote: Mike, you must log in to Blitzortung Org -
You must use the User Id and password assigned when you first registered.
Add your station there.
This is also the place to specify what antennas you have. Fill in ALL the information.

Thanks for your help.... but, for the life of me I don't know the login and password for the url you listed.....loginphp

My login for the forum must be different because it doesn't work either.... I did send an email to Egon asking for activation....

My unit seems to be working....good gps, good network... I can bring up Controller and see my station...   

Thanks Much
(Manual entry by admin:  Station 2334)
Stations: 2334, 2382

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