Servers Damaged (Mostly affecting LMO ?)
(2021-03-10, 21:31)Tobi Wrote: had two servers there and both are gone forever. They literally moved to the cloud.  Cloud  One of the server was mainly a backup server, but the other one was a productive server. We have a second backup ("tier 3"), which takes much longer to restore. Some of the services have already been moved on other servers at other locations/hosters. The live map is running since 10:00 UTC. Other services like the archive will be restored within the coming days., the station network and lightning locating wasn't affected.

Hi Tobi,

is the LMO service "lightning archive, maps and animations" also gone forever, or can it be restored ?
I would be very disappointed if this long time data (e.g. spatial lightning distribution) was lost in the fire.

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