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(2022-05-11, 12:25)SchwabTh Wrote:
(2021-12-19, 01:22)SchwabTh Wrote: [b]What is the status of the websites & their servers/support?[/b]

****I understand there was loss of data servers due to a fire and that the data servers were restored.

****There have been forum posts regarding new versions of hardware and firmware that have not come to fruition.

****Additional posts cite issues with website errors in which stations are listed in duplicate, triplicate

****Some stations are fully functional detecting lightning but are not contributing to "strikes" and are at 0%

Have the developers stopped maintenance/developing? 

An update from Tobias and colleagues will be greatly appreciated...

Thank you from Rochester, Minnesota, USA

Lightning Lightning Lightning Is there any UPDATE/NEWS available regarding Blitzortung for the members? Lightning Lightning

Dear Thomas,

some things are changed every now and then, but this is not always visible to everyone. I mainly take care of the servers for Tobias takes care of the servers for As far as I can see, (almost) everything is running smoothly for me at the moment, although's data server was replaced a month ago. As far as I know, Tobias has also transferred the forum to another server.

The manufacture of the detectors has come to a standstill. The company that made the detectors was bought out by a larger company and now only accepts very large orders. The search for a new company to manufacture the detectors has so far been unsuccessful. The offers were too expensive for us. Currently, the production price for a circuit board including the THT components (without housing and antennas, etc.) would be almost 300 euros. We are looking for a cheaper solution. The second problem in the production of the detectors are the components, some of which are currently not available. The GPS modules, the processors, the Microship components, and some other components cannot be delivered until October. These are the effects of the Covid pandemic.

The calculations of the impact locations are currently being carried out simultaneously on several servers / processors. As a result, there are currently three regions Europe (Europe 1, Europe 2 and Europe 3) and two regions North America (North America 1 and North America 2). From your three stations, 671, 1699, and 1723, the two stations 671 and 1699 have not sent any data for more than 6 months. Station 1723 operates normally for North America, Europe and South America, and is also involved in the calculations.

The fact that there are six entries in the station list is because Europe was calculated three times and North America twice, each with its own statistics. For the participants it often looks as if the station is listed several times, which is not the case. looks at one of the calculations for each region. On no efficiency calculation is performed (e.g. x %). I calculate the values "Total", "Valid", "Involved", "Used", "Closest", and "Farthest" as parameters for rating a station.

Stations: 2656

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