Historical lightning data with Google maps issues on Lightning Maps.org
Hi there,

I recently noticed that I am no longer able to access historical lightning data by zooming into specific locations (in North America, for example). Is there a reason why this feature was removed (or has it been relocated)? It used to be that you could freely zoom in to a location of interest using Google Maps on Lightning Maps.org with the historical lightning data overlain based on the time frame specified, which couldn't exceed 12 hours. However, that seems to be no longer there, or I am perhaps just overlooking it. If it is still there, could you please show me how to get there (via link)?

Thanks, and I would appreciate any assistance.

It will be moved to the main map. I hope soon...
Stations: 538, 672, 1534, 1555, 1696, 1712, 2034, 2219
Hi Tobi,

Thank you for this response, and that is certainly good news! Also, will that feature return with the exact settings that it had? If so, that would be fantastic!

I look forward to seeing this return!

Thanks, again


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