New pre-amplifier??
(2022-07-10, 19:16)Egon Wrote:
(2022-07-01, 16:53)Salminen Wrote: Hi!

My preamp circuit board is badly corroded. Can you get that PCB 5 ver 6 circuit board from anywhere new.

I would buy a new system entirely, otherwise I don't think it's possible. My position id 319.


Dear all,

since the production of the next SystemBlue detectors can still take a few months, we are providing the hardware details for everyone to manufacture their own boards/detectors. This currently relates to SystemGreen, for the design of spare parts, and to SystemRed. The manufacturing details for SystemBlue detectors will be released later. The addresses are


Access to System Blue is forbidden
Station number 2317
System Blue
Stradishall, Suffolk, UK
Stations: 2317

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