Why firmware is not open-source?
Why the firmware for the receiving stations is not open source? I think it is not safe. The point is - you suggest us to buy and install at our home some hardware "black box", witch is receiving something broadband from the air, process it by the unknown way, and send it to the internet via closed protocol. And the controller board even have a built-in microphone! How can we be shure, that your device does only what it supposed to do, and does not do anything else in the background? Maybe capturing mobile phone transmissions, maybe police or military radio communications, maybe everything heard by the microphone... Of course most probably it is not true, bat maybe. Just maybe... Especially after all that Snouden revelations and so on... Smile It turns out, it is only a matter of trust, and it is not good.

In such cases, out of respect for your users, usual solution is distributing the open-source software, which anybody who familiar with programming can check and make shure that it is "clean" and work properly. And closed sources arise suspicions, that you have something to hide... Are you? Wink

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Why firmware is not open-source? - by EugeneF - 2014-08-10, 22:07

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