Why firmware is not open-source?
(2014-08-10, 22:07)EugeneF Wrote: Why the firmware for the receiving stations is not open source? I think it is not safe.
Because we want to stay on a high quality level and we don't want do have several other TOA detection networks by just copying our work. I'm sure we will release that code as open source in the far future. Meanwhile check our open source applications written by participants.

(2014-08-10, 22:07)EugeneF Wrote: The point is - you suggest us to buy ...
Nobody suggest you to buy anything!

(2014-08-10, 22:07)EugeneF Wrote: and install at our home some hardware "black box", ...
I never before saw a black box, which comes completely unassembled and with schematics. Big Grin

(2014-08-10, 22:07)EugeneF Wrote: witch is receiving something broadband from the air, ...
Something? Just read the documentation and check the schematics, and you will see that it's a simple VLF receiver.

(2014-08-10, 22:07)EugeneF Wrote: process it by the unknown way, ...
Everyone can see what it's receiving. You can also attach an oscilloscope.

(2014-08-10, 22:07)EugeneF Wrote: and send it to the internet via closed protocol.
All the raw signal data can be downloaded by the participants.

(2014-08-10, 22:07)EugeneF Wrote: And the controller board even have a built-in microphone!
Yes, we stream the audio data directly to some security agencies and we get some big server for the strike locating from them. Where is the problem? Rolleyes

(2014-08-10, 22:07)EugeneF Wrote: How can we be shure, that your device does only what it supposed to do, and does not do anything else in the background?
Whatever I would answer here, you might made another conspiracy theory out of it. Instead you should ask all the others who participate in this great project.

(2014-08-10, 22:07)EugeneF Wrote: Maybe capturing mobile phone transmissions, maybe police or military radio communications, maybe everything heard by the microphone...
Please show me a VLF mobile phone Rolleyes ! Everything in this frequency range is either for the public or encrypted (military).
Stations: 538, 1534, 1712, 2034, 2219

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