Website doesn't save region when I return
It 'used to be' that when I signed in to and went to the participants page, the website recalled my region and brought up just the relevant sites for North America that I was interested in.

Since there has been some tweaking of that web page, now I have to go through the additional steps of going to the box for Region, checking the drop down list for North America, and then the filter sorts and displays the sites I want to see.

It used to remember what region I wanted.

Is there some check box or option for me to set under the new page that will bring me back to North America automatically without the extra steps I have to do to set the filter? What was set up under the old page was great. The new page is also great but forgetful and while the extra steps are not that big of a deal, it seems desirable functionality has been lost.

Any tips or should I just keep doing this until the final new release comes along and hopefully Tobi will re-tweak it back to remembering the region again?

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Website doesn't save region when I return - by Dale.Reid - 2014-12-10, 12:09

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