Newbie Questions
Hello to everyone. I just completed my red h-field kit and i had some questions.

1) I had 2 ferrite rod 200mm antennas. Should i cut their cables and solder them to new thickest ones??

2)Do i need any special settings in the controller? I have it in automatic mode.

Thanks in advance..
I just wondering because even i had a lot o signals i see the stroke number to 0. Anyone to help me?
Hi Chubros
If you're showing signals, the wires are probably ok. Let's do nothing, yet.
What is your station number?


Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020
Thanks for your reply. My station number is 1300. I have strokes detected but i see that the gain drops many times. Do you have any clue???

Forgot to say that i tried to different positions and different cables between controller and amplifier. Now i had a shielded cat5e 7m cable. Gain drops to 4*1*40 and goes max 10*1*40only in channel 5. Antennas soldered to board.

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