Different data on the maps
(2015-02-21, 18:12)orion_jb2001 Wrote: But were getting there. Smile It will be very interesting to see how the blue system will goExclamationExclamation I am not sure if the boys are thinking about cloud to cloud registrations but I seem to remember reading in amongst all the numerous articles about our system, that the red system, with e field antenna, may be capable.. Huh Lightning


today I got an email alert from LightningMaps.org:

The following information was automatically determined and send to you by lightningmaps.org. No guarantee!

Examined time range : 2015-02-23 17:31:58 UTC - 2015-02-23 17:37:58 UTC
Stroke count : 2
Distance : 54 km (NNE)
First stroke : 17:32:57
Last stroke : 17:37:22

yet lightningmaps.org still shows my site has a Minimum distance: 88.0km.
Regards Simon
Stations: 1283

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