Data source for an application?
(2015-07-05, 13:22)LenyMcCormick Wrote: So, if I understand your links (which I has reading before posting), I need to be a participant to have access to the data?

I don't have the place, nor the knowledge, to mount a station by myself where I live. I don't want to make any profit with the app, just showing the data in a more useful/ergonomic way than using the website on mobile.

Who can I contact to ask permission to use the socket service in use on the sites?


You won't be able to access complete data without credentials... only the 'publicly available' data... also the websocket may change at any time. Sorry.

Yes, much of the data is and will be, only available to operators. It's part of the network 'deal'.... Send Inquiry to any of the email addresses on the pages in previous post.  Again, doubt if you'll receive a prompt or positive reply.  Sorry again.

SYSTEM BLUE in final stages will, it is anticipated, offer a 'pre-built' option.


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