System Blue Order Status 12. August 2016
(2016-05-03, 14:33)Junebug Wrote: Is it possible that more information be made available for those of us hoping to get a System Blue?  Obviously a lot is being discussed behind closed doors that those of us who are not "made men" not privy to since we don't currently have a registered system.

For instance, what is the recommended antenna system.  I have seen hints of a triangular ferrite that the new recommended system? Of is the coax loop antenna still the best?

Do we want to install the optional filters?  How does one decide?

I'd like to potentially buy the components and have them ready when the systems are made available but we are in kind of a catch 22 situation.

Will those of us who do not have systems ever get a chance to order a Blue system, or do we need to wait till all the existing members of the club get one first?
@ Junebug...
well... your question involves discussion well beyond this thread's intent, perhaps but for quick answers:
First of all, the information is evolving. 2nd of all, it is not a very large 'club' as it were... there are currently only about 7 'testing' blues currently, and much of any information about "BLUE" is still being evolved. Let's say that for operational purposes so far, find out everything you can about the previous systems, Green and especially RED. ... about lightning characteristics, and detecting strokes. Generic info.
No operator will simply be able to 'plug'n'play' this system and expect consistent quality results. The Blitzortung Network evolves.
Both antenna concepts have advantages and disadvantages. From delays in signals, to physical size. In a perfect world, everybody would use standardized antennas, but part of this project is experimentation so there are variations.
Unlike previous designs, BLUE will allow 3 loops for H field detection to be used... up to three.  Two or three mounted to detect the H field component of  'vertically' polarized impulses, or two in that physical plane, with the third mounted to detect H component of 'horizontally' polarized impulses.  The E field probe detects E component of Vertically polarized impulses.

Only way to know you need any extra filters is to get an operational system, find out your electromagnetic environment, and determine if the filters would help. That's why they're optional. For many folks/locations, they'll be unnecessary.

Yes, you'll get an opportunity to "join the club"... follow Egon's instructions in the initial post...being patient until they are announced, and the sooner the first 100 builds begin to deplete, the sooner the next order would be submitted for production. Smile

If you've further questions, might start a new thread about them, and leave this for ordering issues, etc...

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