System Blue Order Status 12. August 2016
(2016-06-08, 23:21)ftrueck Wrote:
(2016-06-08, 12:05)Cutty Wrote: "Items 1-18 Basic Kit Complete                       total cost (Euros)
*Item 19   (2 or 3) each Ferrite Antennas     + total cost (Euros)
  Item 20   (8) Test Connectors SMA  (optional ) + total cost (Euros)
  Item 21   (4) Filter ICs (4)  (optional)              + total cost (Euros)
  Items 22-30  Housing components (optional)   + total cost(Euros)
                                                            Sub-Total:  (Euros)
                                                   +  Shipping, etc: (Cost Euros)
As long as I'm not allowed to use my own prices, why do I have to calculate the prices???
If I were going to a shop and had to calculate the prices for the for the goods they are selling, this definitely would be the last time I went to the shop.
Just my thoughts on this so far...
All of is who have operating stations have used this ordering system. It's a bit awkward from some points of view, perhaps, but quite simple.

You asked how you could get a complete kit, without ordering bits and pieces from several suppliers. I just showed you.   You get the prices from the order list, referenced in the first post, which it would be a great idea to read again, as mentioned to you at least twice already. Wink It's much simpler than getting this system online, and optimized for best operation, locating noise sources, finding best location, etc. This is not plug'n'play technology.

If you want the basic boards with SMD's, only, and want to obtain all the other parts at your prices from your sources, your order would be simple
Item 1 Circuit boards only   (cost from the order list)
                                       + shipping   (from the order list)          
Then Egon will send you a response..

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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