System Blue Order Status 12. August 2016
(2016-06-11, 06:46)RichoAnd Wrote: It is a different matter - we have no substitute for DA103
And worse - it is sold out at the moment.

Well there is the DA103MC same thing but in surface mount package. Farnell UK, Digikey, Mouser have stock.

The DA100 series datasheet says that the surface mount version is not for new products and that the through hole will continue in production and support. Does this explain plenty of stock of SM and very low through hole? Farnell UK doesn't expect stock of the DA103C until September!

OK fitting a surface mount component onto a position designed for through hole is a bit fiddly but not impossible. These techniques should only be attempted by those with good eyesight and proficient at soldering.

Three techniques:

1) Simplest but without a board or SM transformer not yet tested as practical.
Tin the top side pads for the each transformer position.
Check solder has flowed through each hole.
Only have a *very* slight bulge of solder on the top side.
Place transformer in position and fix in place with a narrow strip of sticky tape.
Solder each pin top side being careful not to knock the transformer out of position for the first pin.
Remove tape...

2) Easier than above but risky.
*Very* carefully straighten the four corner pins so they fit into the holes.
Solder on the top side as the straightened pins won't project through the board.
Alternatively only straighten one or two pins just to locate the transformer and use 1) on the other pins.

3) Fiddly and time consuming but easier to solder.
Take several inches of a single strand from some tinned copper stranded hook up wire.
Form a loop around something about 1 mm in dia.
Twist the two ends around each other fairly tightly and up to the former.
Slide loop off former and put a pin of the transformer through loop.
Continue twisting so that the loop tightens onto the pin.
Repeat for the other three pins.
Thread twisted wires through correct holes on board.
Solder on back side.
Check that solder has flowed through hole and soldered loop to pin.
Re-flow top side if required


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