System Blue Order Status 12. August 2016
(2016-07-31, 20:37)John.Sacrey Wrote:
(2016-07-31, 16:58)MisterDiodes Wrote: As of this morning it's over 1013 requests, and still expanding quickly.  Even if not all of these turn out to be solid orders, this project is rapidly exceeding the critical available parts inventory at several sources.

Still suggesting that board files and firmware be released, so that those if us that are able can just re-produce our own board set.  Much easier for Ergon that way.  I wouldn't want to be looking at over a 1000 kits that need to be at least partially assembled, programmed, tested and shipped.  That is sure to lead to tears for all parties.

The number of requests do not surprise me given the announcement of over a year ago for System Blue. I suspect that a number of "potential" buyers are going to be disappointed when they find out that the system may never end up being "plug and play".  In truth, this is a system that doesn't need to be plug and play. Why, you ask? Everyone's situation/setup in terms of noise level, location, etc. will be far too great for the systems' ability to overcome and still have the ability to receive decent signals. Plus, this is a hobby, not a commercial business.

The release of the PCB drawings and firmware files will NOT happen, period. That is per Egon and Tobi. I wouldn't if I were in their place.

What most of you don't know is that there are several "home brewed" System Red's running around that were developed by others "hoping" to get access to the servers and databases to reverse engineer the firmware and software to use for their own gain, without giving any credit and/or monetary payment to Tobi, Egon, Richo, and all of the other developers that have put untold thousands of hours into this project, and continue to do so.


John Sacrey

The PCB drawings can be found here:

I do not believe that the source code for the firmware is available for station participants.
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