System Blue Order Status 12. August 2016
(2017-03-04, 22:00)malyan Wrote: What is the difference between the blue of the system from the red?
That blue system detects the distance of lightning far?

The essential difference between the two systems is the way how these systems are assembled. System Red was a kit that the operator had to completely assemble, down to the last component. System Blue contains mostly SMD parts. It is delivered partially assembled. Only a handful of connectors, etc must be installed by the owner. In addition, the amplifier and filter system have been changed as well as the digital part. System Blue is also prepared for an installation in a compact housing.

In operation, the general efficiency and effectivity or the two systems is much the same. Blue and Red are very similar in specifications as far as signal processing and reception.
RED had 2 H channels, and 3 E channels and the thre E channels had different bandwidths, and one could be utilized , or disabled, depending on situations. One E channel is all that is necessary. But at least 2 H channels are expected since the loops are directional... The E probe is Omni directional.

BLUE has 3 H channels, only two are expected, and only one E channel. All four channels have the option to install electronic filters, which adjust bandwith limits for higher frequency noise sources.
BLUE has slightly higher bandwidth than RED.
Ability to detect strokes is similar between the two. Because of the electronic updates to Blue, it should be slightly better at accuracy and location... otherwise the performance is almost identical.

Strokes at a distance is not of importance, but some operators, especially new ones, feel it is an indication of their station's "quality" and "performance".. it's more a function of the station's location... a nice noise free region... than any gauge of the equipment or antennas.... routinely, if a system is set for very high gains, reflected sferics can be detected, at great distances ... easily thousands of kilometers... However, this is about LOCATING a stroke..and not sending a lot of noise, or useless distorted signals... .. the timing is greatly affected byh the many bounces, distortions and High Frequency loss from those distant sferics.

Optimally, all stations would generally be most efficient with settings that provided excellent data within a range of 50-1000 Km.
This system is not a "single station lightning detector"... it takes a minimum of 4 stations as a network providing stroke data in order to locate a strike. That is the goal of the network

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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