System Blue Order Status 12. August 2016
(2017-07-29, 06:41)readbueno Wrote:
(2017-07-29, 00:07)robo Wrote: Without eclosure, you don't need extra LEDs. There are already LEDs soldered on the controller PCB.

CU Robo Smile
Thank you Robo, Not being someone current with electronics, I built the kit by following the pictures!
The last time I soldered anything, Diodes were in glass bottles, and so recognising smd LEDs as opposed to the other smd components would not be my forte. Confused 
So now having that answered I will apply some power, and see if anything lights up.
Getting there slowly.

Brian. Smile

O.K. Well, it did not blow-up! The Leds seem to be sensible, judging from other peoples video and the voltages appear to be about right. 
I have a external GPS antenna on order from eBay and it should be here this week, the GPS does not lock at all at the moment, even with a passive improvised patch indoors.
Thanks to everybody who answered my questions, I have read a lot of forum posts and I was expecting the worst, but so far I am content with how it has gone, so far!
Kindest regards,

Brian.  Smile

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