System Blue Order Status 12. August 2016
(2019-07-31, 03:20)ibchristian Wrote: OK so I get that it's expensive to make multilayer circuit boards etc etc, but I live in a particularly active lightning area in Arizona. Mostly my interest is in providing early warning of destructive lightning which has occurred over the years... people get whacked and property gets damaged. I have a couple of circuit boards from AMS but they've dropped out of the game and don't support these devices anymore...

... here's my deal, why not just release the circuit design to us (suggesting that there are those that can read them) and allow us to build them from scratch? What, is someone trying to PATENT a specific circuit design for this purpose? Are you kidding??? All of the participants at should have the same mindset... lightning reporting with NO PROFIT IN MIND!

Maybe you've (whom ever YOU are) moved on to other more profitable efforts, I certainly understand the need to make a living, but don't start something that you can't finish... 5000+ orders for devices is just absurd and shouldn't be suggested as acceptable by anyone... perhaps I should just make my own detector and interface and cut you out of the whole thing?

This not about the EU, which you obviously live in... this is about destructive lightning weather that we in the US deal with every year. It starts fires in dry regions and causes millions if not tens or hundreds of millions of dollars of damage every year. Yes I understand that lightning is a "global" phenomenon but as such and as you very well know, I nor "we" can do anything about where it happens... seems to me the whole point of you creating this device is to support early warning of destructive lightning, so get off the stick or share your knowledge so that others that have the time and resources can further this effort.

I am pretty sure your "constituents" will agree...


Christian Collins
5163 of 5307 units in line for availability

The first thing to keep in mind on all of this is "this has been, and always will be a HOBBY, not a business" that we are talking about. 

Egon, Tobi and the other developers have full time jobs, a family, etc. that come before this, as it should be. The board designs, the micro-coding of the IC's, the design of the software architecture, etc is proprietary to the developers, and will never be released to be open sourced under any circumstances, and shouldn't be. I have answered the question of why the gerbers and board designs will not be released over the years several times on here.

As a long time owner of a System Red (started with station 722 back in 2013, now station 1387, and I am the only Blitz detector in my state), living in the 7th most active state in the U.S with regards to lightning flashes and strikes (I am in Arkansas, where we had 768,168 CG strikes and flashes in 2018). 

I can understand your frustration on having to wait your turn on getting a system, but your turn will arrive, possibly much sooner than you realize.


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