error... No Amplifier connected
(2016-09-05, 18:46)Benedict.Smith Wrote:
(2016-09-05, 17:55)Rothuize Wrote: Now I see into the screen from the board  a new error
I see now  into the SYS option   Vin Too low !
don't know if this normal ?

No this is not normal, it is telling you that your power supply is faulty or underpowered.
Try a different power supply that can supply 5 to 5.3V at a minimum of 2A.

Thanks Ben  
Only I do not have a extra power supply for this moment
for now I have it into the USB from the computer .. and I know this will not by a good idea,,  but its for this moment working  4.9V
I do have a power supply for the iphone but I think this will by also not a good idea
I will look tomorrow for a power supply

maybe this is also the problem with the Amplifier  to low power  and the Amplifier turns off ??
for this moment I run the board with 2 Amplifiers  2x ferrite antennas  now I hope all will by work ok again
thanks for this info

greetings  Gert
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