new user cant find web interface
Got my case yesterday (very nice) and soldered in the LEDs. Followed the Instructions (as they were on July 25) and upgraded the firmware via DfuSe. It displayed " target 00: Upgrade successful !"  The Instructions say that I should now be able to access web interface - - - - - and I say how do I do that?

I powered the board by a 2A USB supply, connected the Ethernet port to my WIFI modem (light flashing at board connector), connected GPS antenna, no lightning antenna yet. After reset and a few flashes and beeps, the Power, Mode, and Network lights are ON; the GPS light flashes; the Signal light flashed twice (I assume due to stray RF pickup).

I was amazed to see a station icon appear on the map near my town. So I think things are working, - - - - but please help me find my web interface?

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new user cant find web interface - by opadavis - 2017-07-26, 14:01

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