Missing signal and spectrum in strokes liat

I am not sure that your explanation fits what is happening with the signals that are "not found". The information on the left hand is saying that the signal from my station was correlated with a stroke, often at a distance where the detection efficiency is still high. So the strokes cannot have been too far away. Only the signal and spectrum of my station is not shown. I include a screenshot of a quite typical case below. Since the info on the signal is missing, I cannot check if the signal was noise or not. 
Please note that my station is one of the few that is listed for both Europe and Amerika, since it is located on the Canary Islands; I here receive signals from both regions plus from sub-Saharan Afrika. 
The last signal display for my Europe display has been stuck since a few days and it shows what I now think is a noise in the E channel; I am not using that channel for triggering right now. The last signal in the American display is still working for my station.
Because of the isolated nature of my position I go for high detection distance, there are simply neither thunderstorms nor other stations near by.
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