Problem after updating firmware. blue 8.32b
(2017-09-05, 18:02)readbueno Wrote: Even after replacing the broken parts it still does not function corrrectly.
I am extremely disappointed that after only two days of very limited use I am now left with a useless, but very expensive ornament.
My technical skills are not sufficient to even start trying to analyse the circuit boards and the chips.
Judging from the position of the faulty components and the fact that the smpsu has also developed a fault, it now only works at about 4.3 volts off-load and much less than that if there is anything in its output? My guess would have to be some sort of mains voltage transient?
Is there anyone out there willing to help, or do I just put my name down again for another chance at getting a new unit in time for next years "season?"
Has anyone else had a problem like this?


Hello Brian,

I'm very sorry to hear about your difficulties. From reading this forum, and perhaps you may not have to "get back to the end of the line". I thought that I read that in some cases, you may be able to get a replacement sooner than you think. Perhaps an email to Egon would be in order.

I don't know how static sensitive the boards are. But even though the humidity here (SW MO) has been above 50%, I did most of the work on the anti-static mat here. I guess it's a moot point now, but is the air very dry where you live? The lower the humidity, the more important it is to use grounded antistatic mats and/or wrist straps when handling static-sensititive devices. Sometimes just a few volts can destroy an IC.
Mike W.
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