Problem after updating firmware. blue 8.32b
Hi again, There is not a short on the coax.
The E-field board has a BAT54s (two zener diodes) on the antenna side and they are both intact and they are in parallel with the red led that goes to ground via  a 2.2k resistor on the output side to the main board the red led still lights up. The 3.3mh inductor on that board is also O.K. therefore I think pcb_17.1 has survived.
I have tried using the different channels one by one with the rest disabled, the results while different are not what one would expect on any of them.
Both pre-amps do appear to function. I still think it is pcb 19.c? 
I will have another look at the main board tomorrow, there are four identical channels for the most part, maybe I will get lucky and find something easy to replace! ;-)
O.K. After a very late night, I had another look this morning and I am loath to start swapplng things about, after my tests on the individual channels I think the problem
is with the logic or micro-controller, both of which are beyond my pay-grade.
I have written some ideas below.

Brian. Sad

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