Problem after updating firmware. blue 8.32b
(2017-09-07, 15:32)RichoAnd Wrote:
(2017-09-05, 14:33)readbueno Wrote: Something has caused C430 to fail and it appears that L403 has acted as a fuse?
I will try to get replacements as quickly as possible and hope that not too much else is damaged.
Obviously, without L403 there is no power to the amplifier for the E antenna. Therefore no signals!
Any suggestions gratefully accepted.


For me it looks like there have been a high voltage on coax input - ( You don't have an installation with 24v to antenna amplifiers?)


Hi Richo, I think you may be on to something there, but not from the antenna, but from a voltage loop from the UPS that runs my computer & router and having the wallwart/phone smpsu charger plugged into a different socket with a separate earth connection.
It is possible under fault condition, for there to be a difference between the router virtual earth which also plugged in to the board and and the earth lead for the board.
Normally this would trip the Earth-leakage circuit breaker for the house?
I shall have a qualified electrician out to run some tests, maybe the circuit board was a faster fuse than the circuit breaker, which only limits the current between live and earth and not between two isolated circuits i.e. the UPS and the phone smpsu charger and a real external earth?
It is certainly another thing that can be checked.
Thank you.


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